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The Oxford Dictionary of Modern Quotations

This is a completely new dictionary, containing about 5,000 quotations. What is a “quotation”? It is a saying or piece of writing that strikes people as so true or memorable that they quote it (or allude to it) in speech or writing. Often they will quote it directly, introducing it with a phrase like “As […]

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The Nuttall Encyclopaedia

The Nuttall Encyclopædia: Being a Concise and Comprehensive Dictionary of General Knowledge is an early 20th-century encyclopedia, edited by Rev. James Wood, first published in London in 1900 by Frederick Warne & Co Ltd. The Nuttall Encyclopædia is named for Dr. Peter Austin Nuttall (d. 1869), whose works, such as Standard Pronouncing Dictionary of the […]

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The Cook and Housekeepers Complete and Universal Dictionary

INTRODUCTION. NOTHING is more obvious, than that experience purchased by the sacrifice of independence is bought at too dear a rate. Yet this is the only consolation which remains to many females, while sitting on the ashes of a ruined fortune, and piercing themselves with the recollection of the numerous imprudencies into which they have […]

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Japanese-English Dictionary

a−ban : urban a−bandezain : urban design a−baniti− : urbanity a−banraifu : urban life a−banrinyuaru : urban renewal a−bansupuro−ru : urban sprawl a−bento : evening a−bita : arbiter a−bitore−shon : arbitration a−cheri− : archery a−chi : arch

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Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue

The merit of Captain Grose’s Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue has been long and universally acknowledged. But its circulation was confined almost exclusively to the lower orders of society: he was not aware, at the time of its compilation, that our young men of fashion would at no very distant period be as distinguished for […]

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A Pocket Dictionary Welsh-English

Title: A Pocket Dictionary Welsh-English Author: William Richards Language: English Transcribed from the 1861 Hughes and Son edition by David Price

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Alaska Indian Dictionary

Aleutian Indian And English Dictionary Common Words In The Dialects Of The Aleutian Indian Language Alaska Indian Dictionary The author, in placing this little book before the public, feels that in so doing he adds his mite to the useful and timely literature of the day. The ground has not been covered before, and all […]

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The Original Hackers Dictionary

[This file, jargon.txt, was maintained on MIT-AI for many years, before being published by Guy Steele and others as the Hacker’s Dictionary. Many years after the original book went out of print, Eric Raymond picked it up, updated it and republished it as the New Hacker’s Dictionary. Unfortunately, in the process, he essentially destroyed what […]

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