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Vertebrates from the Barrier Island of Tamaulipas

Lying between the Gulf of Mexico and the Laguna Madre de Tamaulipas is a narrow barrier island extending from the delta of the Rio Grande south for 140 miles to within 185 miles of Tampico, Tamaulipas. This island, like most of coastal Tamaulipas, has been all but neglected by zoological collectors. Consequently, little is known […]

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The Breeding Birds of Kansas

The breeding avifauna of Kansas has received intermittent attention from zoologists for about 75 years. Summary statements, usually concerning all birds of the state, have been published by Goss (1891), Long (1940), Goodrich (1941), Tordoff (1956) and Johnston (1960). All but the first dealt with the breeding birds chiefly in passing, and none was concerned […]

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Natural History of the Salamander

The Sacramento Mountains Salamander, _Aneides hardii_ (Taylor), is a plethodontid of relict distribution in the spruce-fir vegetational formation from 8500 to 9600 feet elevation in Otero and Lincoln counties, New Mexico. The salamanders on which most of this report is based were collected three, four, and six miles northeast of Cloudcroft in the Sacramento Mountains. […]

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