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Conspecificity of two pocket mice, Perognathus goldmani and P. artus

Perognathus goldmani_ Osgood and _Perognathus artus_ Osgood from southern Sonora, northern Sinaloa and adjoining parts of Chihuahua and Durango, are two named kinds of the _Perognathus intermedius_ group of pocket mice, of the subgenus _Chaetodipus_. Until now the two kinds have been treated in the literature as two species. In both _goldmani_ and _artus_ the […]

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Comments on the Taxonomy and Geographic Distribution of Some North American Rodents

Comments on the Taxonomy and Geographic Distribution of Some North American Rodents In preparing maps showing the geographic distribution of North American mammals we have found in the literature conflicting statements concerning the subspecific identity of several rodents. Wherever possible, we have examined the pertinent specimens. Results of our examination are given below. Our studies […]

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The Subspecific Status of Two Central American Sloths

Goldman (Smiths. Misc. Coll., 60(22):1, February 28, 1913) named the three-toed sloth from extreme eastern Panamá (Marraganti: 1 specimen, the type) and northwestern Colombia (Atrato River: 2 specimens) as Bradypus ignavus. He characterized the newly-named species as differing from Bradypus griseus (type locality Cordillera de Chucu, Veragua, Panamá) and Bradypus castaneiceps (type locality, Chontales, Nicaragua) […]

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A Synopsis of the North American Lagomorpha

The most popular small game mammal in nearly every part of North America is one or another of the species of rabbits or hares. The rabbit is one of the few species of wild game that still is hunted commercially and sold for food on the open market. The close association and repeated contact of […]

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Taxonomic Notes on Mexican Bats of the Genus Rhogeessa

Five skins with skulls of Rhogeëssa, collected by J. R. Alcorn in the states of Sonora and Nayarit of western Mexico, were recently received at the Museum of Natural History of the University of Kansas. Two other specimens of the same genus, collected by Walter W. Dalquest in the state of Veracruz of eastern Mexico, […]

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A Synopsis of the American Bats of the Genus Pipistrellus

Four nominal species of the genus Pipistrellus are currently recognized in North America. They are Pipistrellus subflavus (F. Cuvier) of eastern North America, Pipistrellus hesperus (H. Allen) of western North America, Pipistrellus veracrucis (Ward) from Veracruz, Mexico, and Pipistrellus cinnamomeus Miller from Tabasco, Mexico. In the past three years, specimens have been obtained in Veracruz […]

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North American Yellow Bats ‘Dasypterus’

Yellow bats occur only in the New World and by most recent authors have been referred to the genus Dasypterus Peters. The red bats and the hoary bat, all belonging to the genus Lasiurus Gray, also occur only in the New World except that the hoary bat has an endemic subspecies in the Hawaiian Islands. […]

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A New Bat (Myotis) From Mexico

A single specimen of little brown bat from the northern part of the state of Veracruz seems to be of an heretofore unrecognized species. It is named and described below. Myotis elegans = new species Holotype._–Female, adult, skin and skull, No. 88398 Museum of Natural History, The University of Kansas; 12-1/2 mi. N. Tihuatlán, 300 […]

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A Check-List of the Birds of Idaho

There is comparatively little literature dealing with the avifauna of Idaho, mostly because relatively few persons have done field work in the state. In the ornithological literature, there is nothing even comparable to a “state list,” so that when birds supposedly unreported previously from Idaho are found, it is difficult to know whether or not […]

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Pliocene and Pleistocene Records of Fossil Turtles from Western Kansas and Oklahoma

Pliocene and Pleistocene Records of Fossil Turtles from Western Kansas and Oklahoma – University of Kansas Publications Museum of Natural History Volume 1. In the vertebrate paleontological collection at the University of Kansas Museum of Natural History there are many fragments of turtles that have been collected, generally in connection with the excavation or recovery […]

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