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A Taxonomic Revision of the Leptodactylid Frog Genus Syrrhophus Cope

Cope (1878) proposed the genus _Syrrhophus_ for a medium-sized leptodactylid frog from central Texas; in the ensuing 75 years the genus was expanded to include a heterogeneous group of frogs ranging from Texas to Peru. Taylor (1952) and Firschein (1954) limited the genus to several species of frogs occurring in Guatemala, México, and Texas. Lynch […]

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Systematic Status of a South American Frog

Gaige (1926) described _Allophryne ruthveni_ as a new genus and species of diminutive bufonid from British Guiana. Noble (1931) considered _A. ruthveni_ to be a toothless relative of _Centrolenella_ and placed the genus in the Hylidae. Gallardo (1965) suggested that _Allophryne_ is a leptodactylid of uncertain affinities. Other references to the monotypic genus have consisted […]

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Genera of Leptodactylid Frogs in México

According to the most recent review of the Mexican amphibian fauna (Smith and Taylor, 1948), six genera of leptodactylid frogs occur in México. One other genus, _Pleurodema_, occurs in Lower Central America. Smith and Taylor recognized one species of _Engystomops_, 28 of _Eleutherodactylus_, three of _Leptodactylus_, eight of _Microbatrachylus_, 12 of _Syrrhophus_, and five of […]

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