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The Scientific Outlook

To say that we live in an age of science is a common- place, but like most commonplaces it is only partially true. From the point of view of our predecessors, if they could view our society, we should, no doubt, appear to be very scientific, but from the point of view of our successors […]

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Principia Mathematica Volume 3

The present volume continues the theory of series begun in Volume II, and then proceeds to the theory of measurement. Geometry we have found it necessary to reserve for a separate final volume, In the theory of well-ordered series and compact series, we have followed Cantor closely, except in dealing with Zermelo’s theorem (#257 — […]

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Principia Mathematica Volume 1

Principia Mathematica was first published in 19 1 0—13 ; this is the fifth impression of the second edition of 192^-7. The Principia has long been recognized as one of the intellectual landmarks of the century. It was the first book to show clearly the close relationship between mathematics and formal logic. Starting from a […]

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