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A New Genus of Pennsylvania Fish from Kansas

In 1931 and 1932, H. H. Lane, C. W. Hibbard and W. K. McNown collected the specimens that Hibbard (1933) described and made the basis of two new species. These were from the Rock Lake shale member of the Stanton formation, six miles northwest of Garnett, Anderson County, Kansas. In 1954, from a locality (KAn-1/D, […]

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Game Birds and Game Fishes of the Pacific Coast

Laws recently enacted by most of the states for the better protection of the game, imposing a nominal license for the privilege of hunting it, have enabled us to take a census, as it were, of that vast number of the American people who enjoy the health-giving sports of the field. This census reveals the […]

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Five Natural Hybrid Combinations in Minnows

The hybrid fishes described herein are _Chrosomus erythrogaster_ (Rafinesque) × _Notropis cornutus frontalis_ (Agassiz), _C. erythrogaster_ × _Semotilus atromaculatus_ (Mitchill), _Campostoma anomalum plumbeum_ (Girard) × _S. atromaculatus_, _Gila nigrescens_ (Girard) × _Rhinichthys cataractae_ (Valenciennes), and _Notropis venustus venustus_ (Girard) × _Notropis whipplei_ (Girard). Two of the combinations have been reported, without descriptions, in literature (citations […]

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Fish Stories

AN ALLEGED humorist once proposed the query, “Are all fishermen liars, or do only liars go fishing?” This does not seem to me to be funny. It is doubtless true that a cynical attitude of suspicion and doubt is often exhibited on the recital of a fishing exploit. I believe the joke editors of magazines […]

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Fish Populations, Following a Drought, in the Neosho and Marais des Cygnes Rivers of Kansas

This report concerns the ability of fish-populations in the Neosho and Marais des Cygnes rivers in Kansas to readjust to continuous stream-flow following intermittent conditions resulting from the severest drought in the history of the State. The variable weather in Kansas (and in other areas of the Great Plains) markedly affects its flora and fauna. […]

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Fishes of the Wakarusa River in Kansas

The Wakarusa River rises in the eastern edge of the Flint Hills and flows approximately 50 miles in an easterly direction and empties into the Kansas River near Eudora; with its tributaries, the Wakarusa drains 458 square miles in parts of Wabaunsee, Shawnee, Osage, and Douglas counties of northeastern Kansas (Fig. 1). The average gradient […]

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Fishes of the Big Blue River Basin, Kansas

The Big Blue River in northeastern Kansas will soon be impounded by the Tuttle Creek Dam, located about five miles north of Manhattan, Kansas. Since the inception of this project by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers much argument has arisen as to the values of the dam and reservoir as opposed to the […]

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Fishes of Chautauqua, Cowley and Elk Counties, Kansas

Aims of the distributional study here reported on concerning the fishes of a part of the Arkansas River Basin of south-central Kansas were as follows: Ascertain what species occur in streams of the three counties. Ascertain habitat preferences for the species found. Distinguish faunal associations existing in different parts of the same stream. Describe differences […]

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The Determined Angler and the Brook Trout

The Determined Angler and the Brook Trout an anthological volume of trout fishing, trout histories, trout lore, trout resorts, and trout tackle. “Don’t give up if you don’t catch fish; the unsuccessful trip should whet your appetite to try again.”–GROVER CLEVELAND. A preface is either an excuse or an explanation, or both. The Brook Trout […]

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