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The Oxford Dictionary of Modern Quotations

This is a completely new dictionary, containing about 5,000 quotations. What is a “quotation”? It is a saying or piece of writing that strikes people as so true or memorable that they quote it (or allude to it) in speech or writing. Often they will quote it directly, introducing it with a phrase like “As […]

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Japanese-English Dictionary

a−ban : urban a−bandezain : urban design a−baniti− : urbanity a−banraifu : urban life a−banrinyuaru : urban renewal a−bansupuro−ru : urban sprawl a−bento : evening a−bita : arbiter a−bitore−shon : arbitration a−cheri− : archery a−chi : arch

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Self-Referential Aptitude Test

S.R.A.T. by Jim Propp 1. The first question whose answer is B is question (A) 1 (B) 2 (C) 3 (D) 4 (E) 5 2. The only two consecutive questions with identical answers are questions (A) 6 and 7 (B) 7 and 8 (C) 8 and 9 (D) 9 and 10 (E) 10 and 11 […]

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Biological Warfare FAQ

Biological weapons are any infectious agent such as a bacteria or virus when used intentionally to inflict harm upon others. This definition is often expanded to include biologically-derived toxins and poisons.

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In Home Shelter Manual

Tornadoes and hurricanes are some of the most destructive natural disaster causing phenomena. The state of Florida and other storm-prone areas have experienced a considerable impact from storm damage due to the hazardous effects of high winds and flooding from severe tropical storms and hurricanes. Table 1 and Table 2 list the categories and associated […]

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Diabetes Disaster Guidelines

Modern media have made our world seem small. News about events around the world reaches us in minutes. We learn of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, industrial accidents and terrorist attacks immediately. TV teaches us that any disaster brings chaos to people and their environments. As a person with diabetes, your daily routine involves schedules […]

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List of Items and Equipment for Bugging Out in the Wilderness

A List of Items and Equipment for Bugging Out and for Holing Up In the Wilderness FOOD: MREs; Freeze Dried Food ie Mountain House, Richmoore, ect. 5 DAYS SUPPLY MINIMUM Water Purification and Storage: The Katadyn Pocket Microfilter: The most rugged, longest lasting Microfilter available, backed by a lifetime warranty. The Pocket Microfilter’s solid design […]

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