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Aspects of Reproduction and Development in the Prairie Vole

Aspects of Reproduction and Development in the Prairie Vole (Microtus ochrogaster) The prairie vole is by far the most abundant mammal on the University of Kansas Natural History Reservation and on grassland areas throughout northeastern Kansas. This vole therefore affects the vegetation, perhaps more than any other native vertebrate, and it is an important food […]

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Observations on the Mississippi Kite in Southwestern Kansas

The Mississippi kite (_Ictinia mississippiensis_) is one of the common raptors of Kansas, occurring regularly and abundantly in summer in that part of the state south of the Arkansas River. In 1961, in an attempt to find out more about the ecology of the species in Kansas, I made several trips to parts of the […]

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Occurrence of the Garter Snake, Thamnophis sirtalis, in the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains

The common garter snake (_Thamnophis sirtalis_) has by far the most extensive geographic range of any North American reptile, covering most of the continental United States from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from south of the Mexican boundary far north into Canada and southeastern Alaska. Of the several recognized subspecies, the eastern _T. s. […]

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Field Study of Kansas Ant-Eating Frog

The ant-eating frog is one of the smallest species of vertebrates on the University of Kansas Natural History Reservation, but individually it is one of the most numerous. The species is important in the over-all ecology; its biomass often exceeds that of larger species of vertebrates. Because of secretive and subterranean habits, however, its abundance […]

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