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NASA Technology Innovation 16.1

Technology Innovation is a digital publication of NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate which will feature the latest space technology innovators and project developments across the agency. It will also highlight the American inventors, entrepreneurs and application engineers who have transformed space exploration technologies into products that benefit the nation. This issue focuses on a few […]

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Philosophers Of Science

This Book is a Compilation of Several Books and Parts of Books: On the Nature of Things (Book V) by Lucretius On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres by Nicholas Copernicus Novum Organum (Book I) by Francis Bacon Discourse on Method by René Descartes The Positive Philosophy by Auguste Comte Recapitulation and Conclusion (from The […]

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The World’s Greatest Books, Volume 15, Science

Acknowledgment and thanks for the use of the following selections are herewith tendered to the Open Court Publishing Company, La Salle, Ill., for “Senses of Insects,” by Auguste Forel; to G.P. Putnam’s Sons, New York, for “Prolongation of Human Life” and “Nature of Man,” by Elie Metchnikoff; and to the De La More Press, London, […]

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The Journals of Lewis and Clark, 1804-1806

The Journals of Lewis and Clark By Meriwether Lewis and and William Clark, 1804-1806 Note: These Journals are from May 14, 1804, the day the expedition left the Mississippi River, to September 26, 1806, a day or two after they arrived back in St. Louis. It includes all possible Journal entries of Lewis and Clark. […]

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Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems

Several years ago there was published in Rome a salutary edict which, in order to obviaie the dangerous tendencies of our present age, imposed a seasonable silence upon the Pythagorean opinion that the earth moves There were those who impudently asserted that this decree had its origin not injudicious inquire, but in passion none too […]

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The Scientific Outlook

To say that we live in an age of science is a common- place, but like most commonplaces it is only partially true. From the point of view of our predecessors, if they could view our society, we should, no doubt, appear to be very scientific, but from the point of view of our successors […]

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Science, the Endless Frontier

The National Science Foundation has rendered a useful service in reprinting Science, the Endless Frontier as part of its tenth anniversary observance. The Report, as well as the studies that supported it, represents the collective efforts of a group of distinguished scientists and other scholars who brought their special experience and knowledge to bear on […]

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