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Psychology of Space Exploration

This e-book explores some of the contributions of psychology to yesterday’s great space race, today’s orbiter and International Space Station missions, and tomorrow’s journeys beyond Earth’s orbit. Early missions into space were typically brief, and crews were small, often drawn from a single nation. As an intensely competitive space race has given way to international […]

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Varieties of Religious Experience

Varieties of Religious Experience, a Study in Human Nature by William James. This book would never have been written had I not been honored with an appointment as Gifford Lecturer on Natural Religion at the University of Edinburgh. In casting about me for subjects of the two courses of ten lectures each for which I […]

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The Interpretation of Dreams

In attempting a discussion of the Interpretation of Dreams, I do not believe that I have overstepped the bounds of neuro- pathological interest. For, on psychological investigation, the dream proves to be the first link in a chain of abnormal psychic structures whose other links, the hysterical phobia, the obsession, and the delusion must, for […]

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Clever Hans – A contribution to experimental animal and human psychology

It gives me great pleasure to accept the invitation of the publishers to write a word of introduction for Mr. Rahn’s excellent translation of “Der Kluge Hans”, a book which in the original has been but little known to American readers. The present wave of interest in animal life and behavior renders its appearance peculiarly […]

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A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis

Few, especially in this country, realize that while Freudian themes have rarely found a place on the programs of the American Psychological Association, they have attracted great and growing attention and found frequent elaboration by students of literature, history, biography, sociology, morals and aesthetics, anthropology, education, and religion. They have given the world a new […]

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