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A New Tortoise – Genus Gopheru

A New Tortoise, Genus Gopherus, From North-central Mexico. Gopherus flavomarginatus new species Holotype._–U.S. National Museum 61253, adult; stuffed specimen with disassociated skull; 30 to 40 miles from Lerdo, Durango, Mexico; obtained by Dr. Elswood Chaffee, 1918. Paratypes._–USNM 61254, adult, stuffed specimen with skull in place, other data the same as those for holotype; USNM 60976, […]

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A New Supspecies of Slider Turtle – Pseudemys scripta

A New Supspecies of Slider Turtle (Pseudemys scripta) from Coahuila, Mexico. In September, 1958, the author and two colleagues collected a large series of _Pseudemys_ in small ponds and in a river in the basin of Cuatro CiĆ©negas, Coahuila. The specimens prove to represent a previously unrecognized subspecies of _Pseudemys scripta_. The subspecies is named […]

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Natural History of the Ornate Box Turtle

Natural History of the Ornate Box Turtle, Terrapene ornata ornata Agassiz by Legler The ornate box turtle, _Terrapene o. ornata_ Agassiz, was studied more or less continuously from September, 1953, until July, 1957. Intensive field studies were made of free-living, marked populations in two small areas of Douglas County, Kansas, in the period 1954 to […]

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